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Why Us

Simply, because we are not just online retailers or wholesalers but direct manufacturers with our own huge stock of quality diamonds, ready at your service. We have been diamond manufacturers for over 25 years, spanning the globe and now with the launch of, buying quality diamonds is just a click away.

There are innumerable reasons for selecting

  • Continuous innovation in technology and business processes.
  • Grading as per international standards.
  • Committed to deliver the best.
  • No compromise on quality throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Our real diamonds are our customers, who happily talk about our quality, ethical standards and service. Please Listen to them more than us!
  • The smile of a satisfied customer is more valuable to us than the sparkle of a diamond. You will find the warmth of Indian hospitality in all aspects of our customer service.
  • Timely delivery is the last stage of our excellent customer service.
  • We are committed to ship your product to your premises within 3 working days under normal circumstances. Read more....
  • You can track your order from our website at any time.
  • Our integrated, softwareenables interlinking across factories, offices and markets. It tracks and informs about inventory, process times and imminent client demand, giving us the ability to deliver orders precisely on time. All defined by our client’s previous order history with us.
  • As a loyal customer we want you to be satisfied with your purchase experience with us, so we provide an impeccable return policy. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep the diamond, we will accept it back in its original condition. Read more....
  • Once you have ordered, rest assured, the next procedures of packaging, insurance to the point of delivery and the shipping itself will be impeccably taken care of.
  • We offer free shipment to Hong Kong , Belgium and Dubai OR on purchase of 25000US$ and higher.
  • We charge shipping either from Hong Kong OR Belgium (as per the physical location of stone) to your preferable location.
  • No shipping charges applicable if stones are collected personally from our affiliated offices.
You can purchase your desired goods without travelling. Just select the stone from our online stock, make advanced payment and the stone is soon at your door step.
From manufacturing to selling - that is the advantage of Dharmanandan Diamonds. The normal sales procedure, which takes time and involves additional cost is eliminated as the customer deals with the manufacturer directly. Dharmanandan Diamonds therefore plays multiple roles: manufacturer, stock keeper, wholesaler, retailer, online seller and educator, so enabling the customer to get the best quality diamonds at a reasonable price.


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