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The World’s Brightest Diamond® - Sirius Star® is Ready to Roll SS Launch Press Release - September 2018

Dharmanandan Diamonds (DDPL) is launching Sirius Star – The World’s Brightest Diamond in this September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Surat –Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. is launching and showcasing 'The Love Facets' – Special Cut Collection of 11 beautiful cuts in September Hong Kong Show, including 8 Sirius Star diamonds.

The company has partnered with Mr. Mike Botha, Canadian Master Diamond Cutter for manufacturing and trading of Sirius Star Diamonds as announced in early August before IIJS India.

“We are thrilled to launch our newest collection of special cut,” said Sandip Patel, DDPL’s Director. “It all begin before a year and a half when we sensed the need of differentiated products after consulting with our prestigious customers. And here we are with the brightest diamonds in the world. The HK show is the time and perfect opportunity to showcase this collection.

Mr. Piyush Patel, Director of DDPL stated, “With the wide array of special diamonds along with our distinguished services, DDPL believes to allure customer attention for experiencing the brilliance. We are starting the distribution among our clientele with exclusivity after the September Show.”

Dharmanandan Diamonds (DDPL) bags the world’s brightest diamond® Embargoed for Release at 9.00 AM GMT +5:30, Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

The collaboration leverage DDPL to adds the ultimate feather to its Special Cut Collection and further increased agility and speed to market special cuts.

SURAT - Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., the leading diamond manufacturer today announced they have entered an exclusive agreement with master diamond cutter, educator and designer Mike Botha to globally expand the business opportunities through the DDPL’s manufacturing expertise and the beauty of the world’s brightest diamond®- Sirius Star®.

This exclusive licensing partnership consists of the 8 patented diamond shapes: Sirius Star® 80 Round, Sirius Star® 100 Round, Sirius Star® Cushion, Sirius Star® Cushion 100, Sirius Star® Square, Sirius Star® Octagon Sirius Star® 88 Round and Sirius Star® Oval .

“DDPL is known for innovative products and services,” says Hitesh Patel, Managing Director, DDPL. “We see a different business potential in the market today partnering on the “World’s brightest diamond®”. Adding these cuts to our existing special cuts like Padma & 7 Hearts, DDPL now can offer the distinguished solutions to our customers for differentiation and value addition to their business”

Upon signing agreement Mr. Mike Botha, creator of Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond stated: “I am very pleased with our exclusive agreement with Dharmanandan to cut Sirius Star® diamonds for global distribution. This is a tremendous milestone for the Sirius Star® brand as Dharmanandan has the depth of expertise and global reach to carry the brand in adequate inventory in all the sizes and clarity necessary for successful distribution. We look forward to an exponential growth phase without neglecting our independent jewelers who have been fiercely loyal to the brand to date.

“Over the past 4 decades, DDPL has built an incredible foundation as the brand worldwide that maximizes a diamond’s brilliance. This exceptional line-up for proprietary shapes gives us an opportunity to transform how we scale our business in the Special Cut segment, allowing us to reach more people around the world faster, while also enhancing the experience we offer to our customers,” said Sandip Patel, Director, DDPL. “I am so excited to start using the Sirius Star® range of diamonds under DDPL Brand. These are indeed the brightest diamonds I've ever seen. For our customers who have been trying to decide between visual beauty and light performance, this is the choice for them.” Mr. Patel continued.

About DDPL

Built on a legacy of trust and with 40 years of excellence, Dharmanandan Diamonds, widely known, as DDPL is synonymous of competence and innovation in diamond manufacturing to cater customers worldwide with finest quality diamonds & jewellery.

DDPL craft over half a million carats of polished diamonds annually, ranging from 0.003 carat to 10.00 carats in D-M color and IF-I3 clarity, in a state-of-the-art facility spread in 500,000 square feet, by over 8,000 skilled employees, known for its quality, innovation, integrity and passion.

About Mike Botha

Canadian master diamond cutter Mike Botha is the creator of Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond. An internationally acclaimed master diamond cutter, with five decades in the profession, Mike’s training and subsequent career began in South Africa and has led him to Russia and Canada – from Vancouver to the Northwest Territories to Saskatchewan.

Mike worked as the occupational certification officer for the diamond industry in the Northwest Territories under the Department of Education, Culture and Employment as well as the technical consultant for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment for their Government Diamond Certification Program. Mike led the Diamond Training Program at Aurora College in Yellowknife, Canada. During his 6-year tenure with Aurora College, he developed and delivered programs, earning the college the coveted Yves Landry Award for Outstanding Innovation in Education. Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Mike Botha has established an authoritative diamond design, polishing and finishing source in Canada.

About Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond®

Designed by Canadian diamantaire and master diamond cutter Mike Botha designed, drawing on a lifetime of experience, extensive research and consultation with several leading diamond experts in North America. Devoted craftsmanship, boundless imagination and a critical approach to the art and science of diamond cutting and polishing are combined to bring this unique new cut to market.

Named after the brightest visible star in the night sky, Sirius Star® features greater scintillation and increased light return, improved brilliance and higher visual appeal than other round shapes on the market.

Sirius Star®– a stellar range of diamond shapes is available in the following configurations:

  • Sirius Star® 80 with 80 inclined facets with its signature 8-pointed star pattern in the pavilion with 100% light return in ray trace analysis
  • Sirius Star® 88 with 88 inclined facets has the same features as the Sirius Star® 80 and 100% light return in ray trace analysis
  • Sirius Star® 100 with 100 inclined facets features a ten-pointed star with also 100% light return in ray trace analysis
  • Sirius Star® Cushion has 84 inclined facets with the signature 8-pointed star in the pavilion of the diamond
  • Sirius Star® 100 Cushion with 100 inclined facets is the flagship cushion with the signature 8-pointed star in the pavilion
  • Sirius Star® Square has 80 inclined facets (88 with the girdles) with the signature 8-pointed star in the pavilion
  • Sirius Star® Octagon has 80 inclined facets (88 with girdles) with the signature 8-pointed star in the pavilion and 100% light return in ray trace analysis
  • Sirius Star® Oval has 80 inclined facets presenting added brilliance

“Sirius Star®” and “The world’s brightest diamond®” are registered trademarks owned by MP YPA Holdings Inc. and licensed to DDPL. All diamond designs collectively manufactured to the design specification under the Sirius Star® banner are patented by MB YPA Holdings Inc. and licensed to DDPL.

Dharmanandan Diamonds to launch Online Portal to sell diamonds, at the opening of Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Sep-2008 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Sep-2008

Dharmanandan Diamonds now commences online marketing services for selling diamonds, in an exceptional quest and endeavor to facilitate and reach out the customers globally.

The online portal facilitates the customers to be just a click away in viewing the details of the diamonds, choosing it and buying it.

A well shaped marketing concept has been placed partnering and inviting the customers and business associates in growing together. The portal has been built on the best technology available. The functionality is for ease of use which facilitates easy browsing. The portal guarantees security of details and dealings wherein the dealer and the customer can rest assured of their information being kept confidential.

Using the portal not only delivers the desired or customized diamonds directly from the factory but also is a great online experience. You, our patrons-the esteemed customers are invited to visit the portal and have a distinctive experience of diamonds, view huge collection of certified diamonds, get faster selection and simplified search for shortened buying time.

The CEO, Mr. Piyush Patel quotes, "We always wanted a way wherein the purchase and selection of diamonds would become easy, quick and free of all procedures. We will scale new standards in online diamond purchase with same consistency and get rewarded every time when customers rely on us.


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