In addition to the 4C's there is the 5th ā€œCā€ which is in the hands of the user. That is Care. For the care and maintenance of the diamond and diamond jewellery please follow the steps:

  • Store the jewelry, diamonds in separate soft cloth pouches. Diamonds are hardest known substance, a diamond scratches another diamond so if put together it will scratch each other and dull the shine and cut.
  • Avoid wearing your Diamond while doing the housework or swimming and showering.
  • Be careful when removing your jewelry to wash your hands. Do not leave your diamond ring or jewelry on the edge of a sink where it can easily slip down the drain.
  • After wearing, clean your diamond jewelry thoroughly with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the luster and ensure that your jewelry is clean before you store it.
  • Clean the Diamond with warm soapy water and soft brush and dry with a clean soft cloth or air dry.
  • Do not expose your precious gemstone pieces to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents.
  • Avoid exposure to sudden changes of temperature to prevent existing cracks in diamond from increasing.
  • Ask a jeweler to check the setting, fittings and mounting periodically. He can even clean it with steam or proven methods to retain the sparkle.


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