Diamonds From India

Since ancient times, India appears to have been the only source of this valuable gem until about the early 18th century when Diamonds were firstly discovered Golc9onda diamond mines from India, Although ancient Sanskrit texts mention several areas where Diamonds were found especially in South India. India is also main hub for cutting and polishing of rough Diamonds.

Nine out of every ten Diamonds from India means they are cut and polished in India. We are the one of the largest diamond manufacturer and direct distributor of diamonds from India ,Buy Loose Cut Diamonds from India, Brilliant cut diamonds from India, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond India, Oval Cut Diamonds India, Princess cut diamond India, Marquise cut Diamonds India, Fancy Cut Diamonds India, Emerald cut Diamonds India Round brilliant cut diamonds, cheapest loose diamonds, cheapest real diamond Jewellery, Oval cut diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, Marquise cut diamonds, Fancy cut diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds in India.


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