The Nameless

(Weight: 489.07 Carats, 97.81g)

The Nameless Diamond studded Pendant

(The Nameless Diamond studded Pendant)

The Nameless, about this diamond neither no one knows where exactly it was found, about its story, its current owner nor where it is currently; also no one has given name to this diamond ever because of that the stone usually called as “The Nameless”. A rough diamond was found around 1000 carats in weight that lead it to be a second largest discovered diamond stone in the world after Cullinan (3106 ct). The Nameless is a black diamond a very rare diamond found on earth. Some scientist also believe that this type of stone coming from outer space. Brazil and Centrafrica are the only two places where can be found this types of diamond, so this diamond likely to be from these two countries. This diamond amazingly keeps 489.07 carats of weight after cutting from rough diamond measured 46.88 x 42.28 x 31.25 mm which still bigger than its brother The Spirit of De Grisogono. This diamond doesn’t get much fame compare to other diamonds because of its mysterious history, left behind and also a less interested diamond. The history shows that this diamond has been sold in Dole (France) in 2001 around € 1,829,388 to an anonymous buyer as well.


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