The Jubilee Diamond

(Weight: 245.35 Carats, 49.07g)

Jubilee Diamond

(The Jubilee Diamond)

The Jubilee Diamond is an E-colorless cushion shaped diamond with a weight of 245.35 carats. This diamond is also known as a Reitz Diamond named after Francis William Reitz. The diamond was found in the jagersfontein mine with rough stone weighted 650.80 carats in 1895. The original rough diamond stone has an irregular octahedron without definite faces or shapes then it was cut in several pieces and produced 245.35 carats superb diamond of exceptional purity and size, diamond has been polished in Amsterdam by M.B. Barends. In 1897, this diamond has been renamed to honor the 60th coronation anniversary of Queen Victoria and after known as a Jubilee Diamond. The current owner of this diamond is Robert Mouawad and value is unknown.


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