The Incomparable

(Weight: 407.48 Carats, 81.49g)

An Incomparable diamond studded Hook

(An Incomparable diamond studded Hook)

The Incomparable Diamond is one of the largest ever found diamonds of the world which weighted 890 carats as rough. This rough diamond was found in the Town of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1984. After four years of observation 890 carats of rough diamond cut into the 407.5 carat for a sake of having a fewer internal flaws, it was the third largest diamond ever cut in the world. Before cutting, the stone was largest brown diamond and 4th largest diamond of any color ever discovered after Cullinan. The Incomparable diamond has Fancy Brownish Yellow color which measured 53.90 x 35.198 x 28.18 mm and internally flawless clarity graded by GIA in 1988, this diamond was designed by the Marvin Samuels and his team. Currently it’s owned by Louis Glick and experts are put its value to be around $20 million.


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