Diamond shape tells you

Buy a wedding ring, the most important is undoubtedly look at the diamond ring. In addition to round diamonds, various shaped drill began large popular. This is not a simple mix of diamonds and hand type, you choose what kind of diamond shape, perhaps revealing the secrets of your character too!

This is the most common and most popular diamond shape, cut it in balance, color and clarity also makes you more flexibility to fire the most attractive color pretty diverse. Most women choose round diamonds have a more traditional heart.

Diamond Wieght

Diamond Princess elegant atmosphere is also very popular with brides of all ages, especially popular in Europe and America. Select this shape diamond women also pursue traditional style, but there is so little hope that is not the same sense of surprise. Square shape is very modern and minimalist modern sense.

The shape of the diamond because fewer facets, so a little bit of small flaws are likely to be exposed, so a perfect emerald shaped diamond is definitely a symbol of self-confidence. Most women like the shape of the diamond confident, courageous, likes to find a surprise in the unknown things.

Emerald Diamond

Because the corners are cut into round, looks to be softer than diamond princess, looks like a pillow named. Without tough corners, on the popular romantic women love it.

This is the most suitable shape to express love. And it's similar to the pavilion with round diamonds, it also has a charming color of fire effects. Heart-shaped diamond enough to attract attention, so do those who love unique and focus on the queen's favorite bride will definitely favor it.

Heart-shaped diamonds
Oval diamond

diamond oval than round diamonds large and narrow shape is particularly conducive to prolonged finger shape visually. This elegant style favored by the noble mature bride, classic and not the general public.

Also called "Marquise diamond", its shape is more slender fingers. It can maximize the use of diamond carat weight, appearance also seemed bigger than some of the other diamonds. By the pursuit of luxury bride favorite dreamy effect.

Marquise Diamond
Pear-shaped diamond

ooks like a teardrop shape as it is sentimental, but the unique shape is also very attractive to the eye. Like the shape of the diamond bride married life full of expectations, they will think of two things will be better than a perfect combination of things.


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