The De Beers Diamond

(Weight: 234.65 Carats, 46.93g)

The De Beers Diamond is pale yellow cushion shaped diamond with an unknown clarity grade weights 234.65 carats. The diamond was found in one of the Kimberly mines in 1888 with rough stone weighted 428.50 which measured through 47.6mm longest axis and 38.1 mm square. As this diamond was found in De Beers mines it named “The De Beers Diamond”. The place where the diamond has been cut is unknown but its fine cut work appears like it was cut in Amsterdam, which is the only leading diamond cutting center in the world at that time. The De Beers Diamond is the largest cushion-cut yellow diamond, the 2nd largest yellow faceted diamond and 8th largest faceted diamond in the world. Maharaja of Patiala (Bhupinder Singh) brought this diamond from Paris Exhibition in 1928; famous jewelry firm Cartier of Paris set this diamond as a centerpiece of a ceremonial necklace which after known as the Patiala Necklace. After 1947, end of the Patiala raj in India that necklace has been disappeared. Now a Day, whereabouts of The De Beers diamond and the diamond value is unknown.

Centenary Diamond
Centenary Diamond

(De Beers Diamond Studded as a centerpiece of Patiala Necklace)


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