The Cullinan II – Lesser Star of Africa

(Weight: 317.40 Carats, 63.48g)

Centenary Diamond ( The Cullinan II fitted with two tiny platinum loops on the edges.)

The Cullinan II is cut from the largest gem ever found in the world; the rough Cullinan found with weight of 3106 carats and cut into nine major pieces. The Cullinan diamond is named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who is the owner of the Premier mine in South Africa. Sir Tomas Cullinan was sold this diamond to the South African government and after it presented to the King Edward VII on this 66th birthday. This is the second best piece of Cullinan with a massive weight of 700.4 carats as a rough diamond and after polishing into Cushion shape it still keeps 317.40 carats and consider as a Flawless D-color cushion Shaped Diamond. This diamond also called as a lesser star of Africa. The Cullinan II placed in the centre-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. Currently this diamond is owned by Elizabeth II and the value of this diamond is to be estimated around $200 million.


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