The Cullinan I- Great Star of Africa

(Weight: 530.20 Carats, 106.04g)

Centenary Diamond
Centenary Diamond

(Cullinan I set in the Head of the British Sceptre with Cross)

The Cullinan I is a biggest piece of the Cullinan diamond which still consider as a largest diamond ever found in the world with a massive weight of 3106 carats. Cullinan Diamond was found in 26 January, 1905; Cullinan cut into the nine different pieces and this is the biggest pieces of it that’s why it’s called as Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa. Cullinan Presented to the King Edward VII as a Gift on his 66TH Birthday. The Cullinan I was polished in the pear shaped diamond has weighed 530.20 carats which measures 53mm x 44mm x 29mm and has 76 facets. Cullinan I was mounted by King Edward VII in the Sovereign’s Royal Sceptre as a part of crown jewels and currently displayed in the tower of London. Cullinan I estimated value is over $400 million.


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