Things to Know Before Buying a Diamond

Purchasing of a diamond is increasing day by day. Diamond is being most attractive natural thing now days. Women are so obsessed with diamond, now jewelers are also display more diamond jewelry to attract more customers. But there are certain things to know before buying a diamond or diamond jewelry.

Real diamond has a strong substitute commonly called as Cubic Zirconia. Cubic zirconia is widely used in place of real diamond to reduce the cost of jewelry. It is cheaper than real diamond; untrained eye can’t make a difference between real diamond and CZ. The two substances look similar but they’re not…real diamond sparkle forever where CZ reduces their shining over the long term. It’s upon you, if you looking for an inexpensive diamond jewelry CZ is the best option but if you go for real diamond is quite expensive and it will delight you forever.

In this modern era internet has changed the world and make the things happen on the figures without spending more time. You can now get better diamond products as per your budget on various online stores and compare it without visiting any physical store. Online buying diamond is also quite cheaper than buying from store or entity. It’s on individual taste to buy from shop or over internet but check first the dealer is genuine or not.

People are more familiar with round shape diamond but there are numbers of diamond shapes available in the market. You have to make mind which kind of diamond you want to buy; below are different shapes available in the market.


A carat is the standard unit of weight for diamonds. One carat equals 1/5 of a gram, or .007 of an ounce. In other words... there are 5 carats in 1 gram and 142 carats in 1 ounce.

How it affects the price?

Carat weight has a great deal of influence on the price of a diamond. All other factors being equal, as weight increases, rarity and value of a diamond will also increase. For instance, one diamond weighing 2 carats will always cost much more than two diamonds of the same quality weighing 1 carat each. 1 carat diamond will cost much more than 100 diamonds of 1 cent or point each. 

When you going to buy a diamond a most important factor you should consider is clarity. If there are more inclusions in the diamond it reduces a sparkle of the diamond subsequently affects the price of diamond. Diamonds are graded and identified uniquely according to the types and number of inclusions present in them. Flawless diamond has higher the price compare to I2, I3 grade diamond. It doesn’t matter two diamonds have same weight or color but if they have different grade clarity their price would be different, as the grading decreases the price decreases exponentially.

Diamond clarity Chart

Color is a most important factor to determine a diamond price. Diamond color refers to the amount of yellow in a stone, but can also indicate brown or gray and sometimes all three. Colorless diamonds are most desirable as they have more sparkle. Color scales which range from D to Z; more colorless diamond have higher the price than dark yellowish color. Diamonds are also found in a variety of other colors such as blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or, rarest of all red all such colored diamonds are very rare and valued.

When you going to buy a diamond look at a diamond cut grade which clearly make a difference in diamond spark. If diamond is perfectly cut it bring out the full beauty of the rough crystal. Most brilliant-cut or fancy-shaped diamonds possess fifty-eight carefully angled flat surfaces, called facets, whose placement will affect the fire, brilliance and ultimate beauty of your diamond. Cut of a diamond is specified in four different grade scales like; excellent cut, very good cut, good cut and fair & poor cut. Higher grade cut diamond has good refection of light which makes it costly to buy.


You should check the certificate of your purchased diamond. Diamonds there are certain certificates for authenticity and trust. These certificates can include Diamond quality, serial number on the girdle, validity that it is organic, color, clarity, weight etc.

The gemological labs issue the certificate, details irrespective of the Diamond’s market value. For quality Diamond and authenticity, ensure that the grading certificate issued is of a reputed gemologist or gemological lab. Some labs offer online services, you can verify the specifications. You can also ask the seller the process and the origin of the diamond.

There are so many lives associated with diamond processing; you should need to know that whether the diamond is coming from legitimate and ethical way or not. When buying a diamond product, consumers should ask for a guarantee that the diamond is conflict-free. It is your duty to make sure that the diamond product you buy is clean with no tear or blood on it. Your money should go into right hand. It shouldn’t be at the cost of lives of innocent people. Your urge for a conflict free diamond will play an important part maintaining peace in our beautiful world.


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